"A successful interior tells the story of its inhabitants - who they are, where they've been, and what they aspire to be."

"Every Stripe interior is designed to the specific needs and desires of each individual client. Vintage, modern, and custom pieces are combined with personal items to create a home that's not only unique and stylish, but comfortable and livable as well."

"At Stripe, every project begins and ends on an emotional level. What do you want to feel when you walk through your front door?  How do you want your guests to feel?"


Who said beach living is only for a season? For this Miami Beach house of a dynamic family of four, our goal was to create a light and functional mix of both elegant and casual. An airy sophisticated beach home that strays from seaside clichés.


Inspired by a collection of African masks and graphic black and white art pieces, we pulled together a mix of Italian and American vintage furniture in a soothing grey palette to create a calm environment for strong statement pieces.